Windows 9 leaked review

All the people out there who're using Windows 7 or earlier Windows XP, are not yet fully aware of Microsoft's latest Windows 8, whereas MS is coming up with another surprise called Windows Blue (codename for Windows 9). And guess what it got leaked! Nothing new since it always gets leaked before launch to create a hype. I got a hands on and here's what's new:

Applications now snap to half of the screen, hence providing a better multitasking approach to the OS and more usability to the applications. So no more of 25% is to 75% application snapping in Windows Blue. The traditional snap is still available if you wish to use it though but by default the applications snap is in 50-50 mode.

Here's the 50-50 snapped view:

And here is the traditional snap view in the same OS:

Internet Explorer 11

It looks very similar to what was delivered in Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 and no significant changes have been seen atleast by me. Although there is a new Show Synced Tabs option in the more options menu but it doesn't do much as of now.

Next in the line is new applications

The mail people etc. applications still exist but along with these what has been brought in are alarm, calculator, movie moments and a sound recorder as well! Strangely their tiles are black and white in colour with nothing live about them. Here's a look:

More personalisation options:

The new build has more options to personalize your start screen as can be seen in the pictures that follow:

More customization to live tiles:

In Windows 8 you had only two tile sizes, whereas in Windows 9 you have 4  sizes available, the two new options being one a quarter of the medium sized and the other a double of the medium one.

No more accidental tile shifting:

In windows 8, a lot of tiles got moved unintentionally but in Windows Blue, it is not the case. You need to right click a tile and hit customize button to move tiles from one position to another.

Simple Screenshot sharing:

Although Windows 8 brought a brand new feature which I personally liked the most, that was the WinKey + Printscreen saved your screenshot automatically to pictures but Windows 9 takes it even further by providing an option in the share charm to share a screenshot of your current screen and I simply loved this one!

Better SkyDrive Integration:

The skydrive application in Windows 8 allowed you to share only a specific kinds of files. But in Windows 9, the app itself is having deeper integration with the OS and device backup, file syncing being available in the app itself and also allowing to share multiple kinds of files.

So all in all Windows 9 is a kind of an upgrade to Windows 8 removing the bugs present and integrating the personalisation and customization to enhance the user's experience and give a more personalized system to the user. It has been optimized for power efficiency. So lets wait for a final build by the end of this year and then everyone can enjoy some new features ;)

Oh and last not the least, a special thank you to my friend +Nishant Kakar  who helped me get a copy of Windows 9 without me having to download it :D