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How to Stay Anonymous Online - II

Every time you go online, your activities are secretly watched and followed. I have covered in first part of this article about leaving no trace while browsing. Now in this part I am trying to provide you simple tools and tricks to stop websites spying on you.

Part-2: Stop Websites Spying On you

  • Switch to Comodo Dragon or Ice Dragon

There is a more secure version of Firefox and Chrome called Comodo Dragon and iceDragon. These two browsers offer various privacy enhancements and will automatically block tracking cookies.

  • Use Ghostery to stop websites tracking you

Ghostery is a brilliant privacy add-on for Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and Chrome. The latest version identifies more than 1000 companies that are interested in what you do and where you go and block them.
It is also available for iPhone and iPad for free. .

  • Make Google search more private

When you search for something on Google, the site automatically records the request in server logs, alongside potentially identifying information such as your IP address, browser type the date and time of your request and any links you follow. The StartPage search engine is powered by Google, so it delivers the same quality results, but doesn't record your IP address, use tracking cookies or share any information with third-parties.

  • Stop websites leaking your information to advertisers

Do Not Track Plus is a browser add-on that shows you which websites share details of your visit with companies and advertisers and prevents this privacy intrusion from happening.

  •  Stop twitter Tracking you around the web

Twitter suggests people and brands you might like to follow. It comes up with these recommendations by noting who you're following and also what websites you visit. You can stop this behavior by turning on Do Not Track in your browser, or by installing the Twitter Disconnect browser extension.

If you use simple tricks and free tools provided here, you can easily stop websites spying on you and sharing your personal data to various services. I also want you guys to share this article with your friends and family so they can also surf internet without being traced.
In the next part I will discuss about controlling your privacy settings and encrypting your data. So keep visiting here.

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