How to avoid signing up on websites and spam mails

One thing everyone hates is SPAM. Many a times people think of creating special temporary email ID's for signing up on websites since you never know which one will spam your inbox and which one won't. What is more is these sites collect your personal information and then sold to other different companies and people who further spam your inbox with their advertisements etc.

So here's how to create a very simple and easy to use temporary email ID making method which you can use whenever a site asks for your mail id or requires sign up. This ID won't be your personal ID and hence you won't have to worry about spam that much. So I can create a mail as

It is worthy to note here that is a temporary email address service. You don't need to do any signup's on, all you got to do is enter saranshkataria in the box and you can read the mail. There exist many of these sites and some are so famous that a few websites have restricted emails to be from these websites. So the best way is to know a few of them ;)

These websites usually delete emails after some specific time period. So now you have an email service that will give you unlimited accounts which never give away your personal information and never get you spammed to death. Use these and become untraceable :D

Here are a few of those:


And the list is endless, google "temporary emails" and you'll find a list that is long enough. Choose one based on your preference. Also Mailinator also has this concept of  alternate Inbox names that allow you to send M8R- ID's. These alternate inbox names are important since when you provide your mail to someone, you are also telling them the method to access them, so instead you can send them an alternate M8R ID which will redirect the mails to your other mail and you can access them from there.

Cheers ;)