This blog post is a respite to all the windows users who are habitual of working with multiple windows explorer at once and find it difficult to switch between them. Clover is one such software which allows the user a tabbed windows browsing experience, just like Google Chrome.
In addition to tabbed exploration in windows, Clover also facilitates bookmarks for the frequently visited folders by the users. To add to it, they can be viewed and used like the bookmarks under the bookmarks folder analogous to Chrome.

clover tabbed windows explorer

The shortcuts used in Clover are similar to those of Chrome.
1: Ctrl+ T opens a new tab.
2: Ctrl + D bookmarks the current location.
3: Ctrl + shift + del bookmarks all the location in current window.
4: Ctrl + shift + T opens the last closed tab.

Clover is a very useful software for those who works in multiple windows explorers and require constant shifting from one explorer to another. To download, visit this link.Click on download and the page will open saying “The page u requested was too large to translate”. Don’t worry, just click on “See the original page “ and you are good to go !